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Know your environment, Know your competitor and Adapt your strategy to the circumstances.

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There are seven elements that make up the Seattle Samurai code.

Each is a single word that urges a Samurai to explore a larger, guiding principle.


  • GI: Righteousness and Rectitude Moral conduct is the foundation of conduct. This includes right action, honesty, with a strong belief in justice for all people. All points of view are deeply considered.

  • REI: Respect Warriors are eminently courteous, even towards their enemies. Respect of the samurai is an attitude of honour and admiration with no need to prove their power. The true strength of a warrior becomes apparent during difficult times.

  • YU: Heroic Courage Courage is not blind, it is intelligent and strong. While always remaining cautious and on point, the warrior is not easily intimidated.

  • MEIYO: Honor The samurai moves with honor and grace. Decisions are carried out with accountability. The warriors have only one judge: themselves. In the way of the samurai, you cannot hide from your own actions.

  • JIN: Compassion Through intense training the warrior becomes quick and strong, but this power must be used for good. Helping the fellow man and practicing compassion is a virtue. If an opportunity does not arise, they go out of their way to find a way to make positive impact.

  • MAKOTO: Honesty and Sincerity In the way of the warrior, speaking and doing are the same action. Nothing will stop the warrior from sticking to their word while taking action from a place of sincere truth.

  • CHU: Duty and Loyalty The warrior practices unconditional loyalty and trust towards others. This unwavering conduct of faith is a core belief in ethics of merit, loyalty, and fidelity towards fellow beings.

Seattle Samurai Baseball

Summer Collegiate Baseball Team in Seattle Playing in the Pacific International League

Excellence through commitment, hard work, perseverance, grit, discipline, and brotherhood.

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